The impetus for my work comes from examining the tension between
that which is experienced directly and that which is experienced through memory, myth or tradition.

I work in oils on canvas, egg tempera on gesso panels, watercolour, print, collage and mixed medium.
Drawing is important to me. Initially much of my work is directly observed and drawn from life, then ideas are developed further in the studio.
My sculpture uses found and made components, and I am working increasingly with ceramics, my interest lying with the simplicity of the earliest found pottery and sculpture.

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1965, and spent the next 23 years traveling widely throughout South East Asia and Europe.
I completed a degree in sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, and from there spent several years living and working in Portugal and Hungary before settling on the Isle of Man in 1993.
For nearly twenty years I worked from my studio in the north of the island, and ran a continuous program of workshops for children, adults and SEBD children from my studio.
In 2012 we moved to Cornwall, and then in 2015 to Banbury where I have a studio and workshop.